30 January 2006

Speaking to Angels

It never ceases to amaze me how things find their way into our lives at that perfect moment.

It was my birthday on sunday 15th Jan, 37 years and still being blown away by all that is extraordinary in my world. So Happy birthday me...all together now... HIP HIP HOORAY!

I tend to hate this time of the year as it seems to be about expectation vs dissapointment. With each of the first 3 months of the year containing a birthday in my family, it also happens to be a financially stressfull time. Not only does one have the crippling effects of the festive season just past and the whip lash that carries over into ones earning capacity over the following months, but to have the responsibility of creating something awesome to celebrate the births of these most prescious beings that devour my world.

My birthday came and went. No biggie. Babe worked late, I cleaned my house, Sash went to a batmitzvah (cos thats the age she is at...oy vey!) so it was just me and Danny. Mom came over with a little pressie... one that reminded me of a present I bought for her...probably when I was about 13... for mothers day which was a small mounted poster which had written on it something about mothers and what she meant to me. Moms gift was a small vase..with something written about daughters. Sweet.

My kids arranged for me to get the "who wants to be a millionaire" game for dannys ds gameboy doodad..so I could at least play something on it. I really wanted that...and I am so glad they bought it for me. Barry...bought me...an alarm clock. Despite all the hints. Dont ask!.

So now we move swiftly onto Feb 2nd...Danny's birthday! My baby will be turning 8 years old!! Now if anyone recalls his birthday last year...you will understand why I am doing what I am about to tell you for this birthday. If not... you can read about it HERE and then come back. If u do...then by all means...read on...

So... I have arranged...at HUUUUUUGE expense I might add... a super cool Gokart Party for him. He has sent out the invites and we are all holding thumbs that everyone will show up on sunday.

THEN.... in March... the 7th to be precise... Sash turns 12!! My final year of pre-teendom before the terrible teens syndrome officially kicks in. But even more than that, this year is significant from a jewish perspective... The Bar mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah are a "rite of passage," a crossover from childhood to adulthood; a milestone in a Jewish life.

Judaism deems a boy a "bar mitzvah" when he turns 13 and a girl becomes "bat mitzvah" when she turns 12. (Reform Jews celebrate both boys and girls coming of age on their 13th birthday). At that point the child, who is no longer a child in the eyes of Jewish law becomes responsible for his own deeds, spiritually, ethically, and morally.

She had originally chosen to have her bedroom redone instead of having bat-mitzvah party. But after going to and being invited to so many of her peers batmitzvah's, she decided she too wants to have one. BIG FAT HUUUGE OY!!!

So now I have to...in typical yiddisha mama speak..."make her a batmitzvah! If any of you have any really cool original (but cheap people...CHEAP!)ideas for invites ect....do please pop a comment... Im DESPERATE!!

So thats Jan, Feb and March taken care of. Well sort of anyway. We skip April...cos...well...april holds the anniversary of THIS event. Moving swiftly into MAY!!

Significance? Oh yes my friends... muchos significantos doritos conchitos... we will be winging our way to the land of TURKISH DELIGHTS!!!! yum!! 2 WEEKS OF PURE 5 STAR LUXURY. So why the mexicanos inueondos bambinos? (I could do this for days!) Cos I DONT KNOW ANY TURKISH!!! duuuuh! (clearly...I dont know mexican either...pfft)

But in the MEANTIME....some exciting stuff to report....

I will be going to london on monday...to complete my "educators training". This means that I will be qualified to teach...yes people...T>E>A>C>H other people how to do the nails I do. I have 4 students at the starting post, ready to absorb and eminate all the knowledge and experience I bestow upon them..heehee...suckers! I will be setting up a training centre here in manchester... the first of its kind in manchester of this particular product... so... onward and upward I say old chaps. (gawd I could so do with a brolly and a bouller hat right about now)

Oh yea!! Back to the title of this post....teehee...talk about going off on a tangent! A pack of Angel Cards...found their way to my coffee table. Apparently brought in by Barry, having found them, brand new and still in their pack, on a clearance job he did. Unbeknownst to him...I have always wanted some. To cut a long story short...I did a reading on myself...and I was completely blown away by the cards that I selected.

The one angel that I chose...out of 48...was Isda the Guardian Angel of food and nourishment! An exerpt of what was written was as follows:

"On the matter of your body, I urge you to review your eating habits, ensuring that you eat wisely and take enough exercise. Respect your body and treat it as you would a dear friend...."

OMG!! For anyone who knows me... this is SO FUCKING relevant!!!! And you will be pleased to know...that I AM reviewing as advised. Looking forward to a thinner, healthier and fitter moi by this time next year!

Anyhoo...I have found a site where you can get your own angel card reading online for free...so...go ahead...knock urself out...

Click HERE for your reading

Love and light to you all.


Dawn said...

How about presenting the 'new you' in the USA, this time next year? GO FOR IT! Hope Dan the Man has thee most awesome birthday party, EVER!!!!!

Shirley said...

How about advance thanks to Mum who has to sleep over in order to get up at the unearthly time of round 7.30 a.m. in order to take the kids to school as both parents won't be available!! Lol. (You can imagine what my usual rising time is)