13 February 2006

My son, My king!

Your eighth birthday has come and gone. Your party was a success. Actually, apart from one kid who didnt come and one who did but wouldnt get on a gokart, you had a full house! Everyone had an awesome time, but most importantly you! It was worth every penny to see you cruisin round on your gokart with one hand streched up holding the bar at the top and the other hand doing a pretend yawn on the straights, like you were So super cool! Untill of course u hit a curve and had to grab the steering wheel with both hands to avoid hitting the side wall...hehe... but still in the most laid back, full on, " I SO can drive a formula 1 racing car now" feature.

I find it really difficult to look at you as anything but my baby boy, but every now and then... I see the 8yr old that you truly are... and my heart swells with love and pride.

Happy birthday Danny, my son, my king!

Mom xxx


Dawn said...

This has to be the biggest smile I have ever checked. So thrilled he had such an awesome party. Many happy returns. Ross wishes he had been there, Dan!

Shirley said...

Once again, Haaappy Birthday Da nny. Sorry I wasn't there to see your Formula One trial!