28 August 2005


This one touched a special place for me, with "them" being here in manchester. An opportune time for him to reach out to me, he chooses not to...

Clearly I need to move on...I just wanted him to express in some way that I added value to his life...my bad!


Tammy said...

Welcome back doll!! You were missed. You will move on when you are ready to, some pain is just harder to bear. Don't rush it because sometimes people are a part of our souls, our bodies have memories and they just can't let them go no matter how much our head tells them to. Your heart will find others to fill it, give it time.

cuz shell said...

sweetie, i feel i am in the dark about this postcard but wish you a long lesson in a short painframe!
hugs always!
where's the amsterdam trip info?