26 December 2006

Chrismukkah...better than Chantmas!

You know when so much has happened in a short period of time that you just dont know where to even begin!???

Such has been my life the past few weeks... predominantly business based, but unfortunately overflowing into my personal life to such a degree that...christmas/ channukah has been and gone and not a decoration nor gift has been purchased for anyone...including my darling children.

Its a hard one... Neither babewotIlovesomuch nor I grew up celebrating either festivity, but there is tremendous pressure amongst the jews here to celebrate channukah by giving the children gifts.

In past years we have given gifts at this time of the year, I enjoyed it. However I guess we set a precident and the kids were dissapointed that they did not get anything this year. Although I explained the reasons why... it still hasnt seemed to sink in and ...ok...I feel guilty! There I said it! I. FEEL. GUILTY!...!!! (for extra emphasis)

I have heard things like: "I will be the ONLY kid who didnt get any presents!" and "EVERYONE is getting a present and its not fair!" So this is where it gets a bit fuzzy. Do I get them a present, even tho there are more pressing issues to deal with, so that they dont feel "left out" "deprived" wotever! Or do I stick to my original, albeit selfish choice, to channel that money into a more productive future ultimately ...for them?

I could do with a brew! (thanks to cherryflava for the link)

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Dawn said...

Growing up in South Africa I do not have any recollection of CHanukkah gifts being a tradition at all. In the USA it is as commercialised as Christmas is. Religion and how you plug into it is a very personal experience. If there ain't enough lakas to go around this year, it's unfortunate but that's the reality. It does however present a great opportunity to show the kids that the smallest of gifts can have huge heart and meaning attached to them. I guess the Chanukkah fairy has been delayed - tell them that she does always get there, sometimes it's just that darn Jewish mean-time that comes into play.
LOVE the new look blog, you groovy little banana you! xoxo