16 November 2006

My creepy roommate...

Everyone has asked me if I shared a room
whilst in Belgium last week... my answer has been... no...but I did have to put up with a very creepy looking woman!

Oh? say they...so you DID share a room then?

No! I had this huge painting of a woman, much like the Mona Lisa, who's eyes would follow you where ever u went.

It got to the point that although alone, I would close the loo door cos she was starin at me! So on my second night I resorted to putting a towel over her just so I could relax! Problem was the cleaner clearly didnt find it amusing and kept taking the damn towel off!! This became my evening ritual during my stay... "for fucks sake! do they not get a hint??! now I have to friggin put the towel over her again...creepy woman!.... sorry pal...you freak me out!"

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