13 February 2006

Professional Nails Magazine.

Yup, its one of those "pat me on the back" moments again. This article was published in a trade magazine in Feb 2006. Its all about my ultra ego "Freddie"...lol.

Anyhoo...Im hoping if you click on the pic that it will be big enough for u to actually read the copy... so here goes...

Ok so, cant read a flippin word! So for those who care... this is how it reads...for those that dont... look away NOW!

Why Freddie Lask is to Nails what Freddie Flintoff is to cricket.

Some things are just meant to be. When selling ad space to Pronails' Gina Wavell at the local newspaper she worked on back in 2002, Freddie realised that she'd much prefer tending to peoples mitts than selling ads, so ended up booking on one of the very training courses Pronails was promoting in the ad. It seems that it was the best move Freddie ever made.
Having come to the UK from her native South Africa some eight years ago, Freddie has been working out of a Manchester based salon under the charasmatic name of "Unique Nail Couture"
Since then she has been carving a niche for herself, delivering, as her pics demonstrate, fabulous nails with an extra sparkle. "I fell in love with gel nails as a consumer having had experiences of having my nails done and realising that liquid and powder and fiberglass/ silk just wetren't for me," say Freddie, "I love the finish and the look of gel and I'm a sparkly girl at heart." To this end, its hardly surprising to hear that professionails glitter gels are close at hand. "I've been doing glitter tips for ages, but only recently discovered how much clients loved full cover glitter gel nails," she reveals. "Most clients were a little afraid to try it to begin with, but once on, they just couldnt believe that it was a gel. the sparkle is solid, not like varnich which tends to spread, and thats why I think clients love it."
So why not take a leaf out of Freddie's book and get girly with those glitters!

* and then theres all the contact details which I wont bore you any further with*
Having said that, and whilst on the topic of glitter nails...check out some new dazzling glitter nails on my OTHER blog...Unique Nail Couture

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Dawn said...

AB FAB! TOTALLY AB FAB! Congratulations! xoxoxxo