18 April 2005

Healthy nutritious food

I tell u this....Danny is going thru a VERY funny stage at the moment. Not funny strange...funny HAHA!

I have a constant and consistent battle with my son to eat healthy and nutritious food. Yesterday was one of those days when I was determined to see him eat something that didnt have more E numbers in it than actual food substance. The conversation went something like this....

Dan: Im hungry!
Me: Ok, wot would u like to eat?
Dan: Can we maybe go to KFC? or.... Burger King? (hopefull little glint in eye)
Me: yea right pal! Not happening!!
Dan: Then wot can I eat?
Me: how about some tuna salad?
Dan: I hate tuna salad
Me: How do you know? You have never tried it?
Dan: I just know I hate it!
Me: Ok..how about I warm up some chicken or I have made some chicken mayo...want me to put some on a plate?
Dan: Blech! I hate that!
Me: Then have some meilie (corn on the cob....see corn on the cob'ometer post)
Dan: I hate Mielies!
Me: Ok..then dont eat!
Dan: Why cant I have something I like?!?
Me: because... everything u like isnt very healthy and nutritious!
Dan: I have a headache
Me: do you know why u have a headache?
Dan: no...why?
Me: cos u dont eat enough healthy nutritious food!
Dan: I hate healthy food
Me: I know, but your body is telling u that it needs some healthy food by giving u a headache.
Dan: ok shaddup now u givin me a headache!
Me: Im sorry babe, do u know WHY ur getting a headache?
Dan: No...why?
Me: Because, your body needs healthy food! Its hungry and doesnt have enough energy to stop a headache from coming.
Dan: Im tired of listening to this
Me: do u know WHY ur tired?
Dan: no...why?
Me: (craking up by this point cos he is STILL biting!) Because your body needs healthy nutritious food....thats why!
Dan: ur NOT listening to me...YOURE giving me a headache!!
Me: I am listening...do u know WHY ur getting a headache tho...



Dawn said...

You have been living in England waaaaay too long china. You are obscenely turned on by WINDING PEOPLE UP, you nutter - it's fu'ing pafe'ic - hahahahahahahahahah

Tammy said...

OK I am lagging - I had the SAME conversation with Ryan hm that 6.5/7 year old gene. She calls me on my cell for the 50th time. I tell her she is not allowed to call until it is an emergency - its an emergency she says, I don't want steak I want chicken nuggets for dinner. Similar on and on through every food until I said, Ry don't eat ANYTHING, but Mom she says I will starve. I say I will take my chances and STOP calling me on my CELLPHONE!!!! (We pay for incoming calls in the states as well as out going)