18 April 2005

Corn on the Cob'ometer

*note....South africans call a Corn on the cob...a mielie just so u know...lol

I was munching methodically on a mielie last night... and I began to wonder....does everyone eat a mielie the same way I do??

Theres the....horizontal mielie muncher (HMM), which means u eat it from the left to the right.
Theres the.... vertical mielie muncher (VMM), which means u eat it all the way round before moving to the next section.
Then theres the... haphazard mielie muncher (HapMM), this one speaks for itself... u dont even look where ur mouth is as long as it meets the mielie half way ur good.
I wonder if there are any other types of Mielie munchers out there....?

I do believe that one could even assess a persons character by the corn on the cob o'meter... for example... the HMM would be a meticulous person, perhaps with a slight OCD tendency. HMM would need to be in control of most situations and probably drive their family mad in the process.

The VMM could possibly suffer from a similar pattern although...I do believe they would make groovy
crap craft and have a flair for turning their eyelids inside out.

The HapMM would be completely brain dead and holding a conversation with them whilst eating would risk losing small appendages in the frenzy. These sad individuals are best abandoned when feeding as the glazed over glare can inflict a slurred speech impediment on the onlooker.

So.....which one are u? Better yet....which one do u think I am...hehe


Dawn said...

I would call you the VBMM = VERY BRAVE MIELIE MUNCHER ... because - anyone who lines their carrots up in a neat row, followed by their peas, but never their q's, should not have the chutzpah to make any psychological assessment of ANYONE about ANYTHING based on their eating habits - what do you skeem?

Freddie said...

I skeem... u must be a HapMM! lol

Tammy said...

Not sure what I am in your scheme of things but I slice mine off the cob - is that sacraledge (sp??)