14 April 2005

bad day?

Yesterday... I fetch Dan from school, and as I approach his class I see him standing there with a pouty face....I think to myself....uh oh....somebody's not a happy bunny!
"Hi Dan!" I say as I greet him... my arms outstretched...knowing that maybe a mommy shmoozy may make him feel better..."wots up?"

"I didnt have a very good day today!!" he grumbles.... "why? wot happened??" say I... "well... first of all....." he holds up his finger and shows me a tiny little injury... "second of all...." he shows me his wrist where there is a slight graze.... "THIRD of all....!" he lifts his shirt and shows me a graze on his hip. (by this time I am trying very hard not to laff )

Oh dear how did all that happen? He tells me his tale of woe..of how he ONLY did a GENTLE noogy on his friend...and his friend responded so violently by pushing him over... poor baby! My angel....who couldnt possibly have deserved such abhorent behaviour...yea right! Like i dont know how annoying my kid can be!

Anyhoo..to cut a long story short...and.....speaking of cutting.... later on in the day..... the kids were playing their fav game of......Dan annoys Sash, Sash tattle tells..... Mom screams at Dan...they both laff and start again. Sash came downstairs with Dan on her tail....she walking into the lounge and non chalantly..but very purposefully slamming the door behind her....and of course.....not even the millionth repetition of.."DONT SLAM THE DOORS!!!! FINGERS CAN GET CAUGHT!!!" just wasnt heard!

Dannys bad day came to a jarring halt!! Having almost taken the tip of his finger off in the door.... and blood pouring and tears streaming and pure agony... he manages to say... "NOW Im REALLY having a bad day! I wont even beable to go to school tomorrow!"

"uh...yea....u WILL be going to school tomorrow...nice try pal!"

"But, I wont beable to even write!"

"Dan, my love, u have hurt your RIGHT hand... you are left handed, you can still write"

(dont u just fuckin love this little okie!!!)

Oh I just HAVE to put this in.... when Sash was reprimanded for slamming the door.... her response was... "its not MY fault the door was so SHARP!!" aaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


Vanessa said...

Your Danny sounds like a little doll. I like the "third of all" - and Sash is hilarious and typical blaming it on the door. But don't you just love 'em??

Dawn said...

Wouldn't it all be so frigging boring without them? I miss you all, still!!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

Ag Shampies - wish him better from us - better then my cousins comment when his sister went to his mom with 5 red finger marks on her cheek - but Mom, he said, she just ran into my hand!!!