19 April 2005

Happy Birthday Bro

Today... is the birthday of a very significant person in my life...

This person, was there... when I was born, he was there as I learned how to sit on my own, he was there applauding me as I learned to walk and he has been there pretty much all the way through my growing years.

This guy became my hero, from the day I first laid eyes on him. He was the most handsome, the smartest, the funniest, the coolest and badest man in the whole damn town.... badder than ol king kong...meaner than a junk yard dog! (sorry, just couldnt help breaking into song there...lol)

Anyhoo.... I remember one time... he was a jewellers apprentice...and with the remnants of gold he had collected over a period of time.... he had created a little diddy pinky ring which.... I am pretty sure he had made with love for his childhood crush... Monica.... but he brought it out to show mom and I....and....well...I fell instantly in love with his creation.... so much so...that I could barely contain my excitement.

"OMG its exquisite!!! I love it!!! How'd u make it?!!! Who's it for?!?!"

To this day I will never forget the look on my big brothers face...it was one of pride, guilt, love all at the same time. He had done a really good job, made it for someone else, couldnt bear to tell me it wasnt for me, simultaneously couldnt think of someone he loved more than his kid sis, he said....

"Its for you my baby, I made it for you!"

We live so far apart now, our lives so very different. Our children growing up never knowing just how special we were to one another once apon a time. We speak to each other maybe on our birthdays, but very little apart from that. U busy, Im busy, lifes hectic, blah blah blah!

I fuckin miss u D! I hope you had a wonderful birthday....lets just hope nobody has to throw a brick at ur car!....I love you.... duo maxi zoon dweebie!


Vanessa said...

What a sweet story. I need to be hit by a brick sometimes. I have two wonderful brothers whom I'm close to and consider my good friends. I hope you and your brother can make a little more time for each other. It will be worth it.

Tammy said...

Got tears in my eyes reading your post. Doesn't this immigration thing just plain suck sometimes?? So hard being away from those we love, especially family. The love of a sibling is so special - one of our greatest treasures.

Dawn said...

There is just something very magical about the way an older brother can make you feel. I remember when my brother used to come pick me up from high school, I would pretend he was my boyfriend. Fortunately I went on relatively soon after that to actually get a life, and a real boyfriend, but no-one could make me feel special like my boetie could. Happy Birthday Yades' Brother!