17 March 2005

Sash and cousin Wayne's daughter Jade....CA...UTE!!!! (check the lilac suite peeps!! hehe) Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sasha! When you going to come visit your relatives in San Diego!

Russell, Rosa, Sam, & Luke.

Dawn said...

What a cute little cousin, and I can see in this pic how tall Sash looks! LOVE the lilac which looks very soft and snuggly too. I think a visit to San Diego via New Joisey sounds like a great idea!
Nog a piepe, Hooraaah!!!!!
Love to you from all the Levins. xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Funny, no mention of not smoking for quite a while.

This would seem to indicate a fall from a wagon?

What's a better b-day gift then a non-smoking mom?

Freddie said...

Actually....theres been no mention of it...I guess...cos it has fallen from the foremost thoughts in my mind...which seems to indicate...that I am becomming more of a non-smoker than an ex-smoker. Go figure..shrug