03 April 2005

Miss me?

Its been a while since my last confession.... but I confess...It was me.... or in this case..it wasnt me! (May his passing carry the same impact his living had...only....better)

I havent posted in almost a month.... the sad individual that I am, I have gotten so wound up in real life issues and run of the mill stuff....that I have merely been feeding on those bloggers who by some modern day miracle ...find the time to post every day...sometimes even more than that.

So here I am....much has transpired in the past month, main events being....sharing Sashi's very first live concert.... an awesome experience for both of us....
Anastacia was no short of...spectacular, exquisite and inspiring.
A survivor of breast cancer, but even more than that, a tribute to women everywhere of the strength we possess not only as individuals but a group. I was glad to be a part of the growth that Sash experienced that day. We had gone with a lesbian couple and their daughter...who is also lesbian. She embraced the unusual with flair and grace. She shone so bright that even Anastacia noticed her glow from the stage and waved at her. (ok that sounds a bit OTT but who cares....I choose to believe it).

Life in our new home continues to give me a rush when I walk through the front door and go.... "Oh yea!! I have arrived!" Still loads to do...but as they say back in the ol mother land...'no rush in africa'.

I have completed one whole PATCH free week! This means I have not had a fag, ciggie, puff, smoke, rat, shmigg or any other pet name I developed over the years...for 11 weeks. Admittedly... it is getting easier as the days go by, and I find myself thinking about it less and less. I saved myself one last patch..like a security blanket of sorts... and everytime I have a craving....I remind myself that I have that patch if I need it. Works for me....shrug.

It was recently purim... the kids were dressing up for school, Danny wanted to go as SpongeBob SquarePants and he wanted me to buy him a suit... I suggested that we rather make one..cheaper and more fun ect... I said I would buy a whole load of sponges and stick them together to which he replied.... "mom, can you buy some extra sponges?" I say " sure, but why do u want extra sponges?" he says... "well, we can make the spongebob squarepants with the sponges, and if theres leftovers..... we can make a SPONGE CAKE!" I laugh saying u cant make sponge cake out of sponges...he replies... "yes u can! I have tasted it and its very nice!"

Oh and this morning, posty the postman arrived with a delivery of wonderful pressies sent all the way from New Joisey, my special friendy Dee never ceases to amaze me in her mad hectic life, she still made the time to send us a gift of love. Thank you broeks! Mwah!!

Last but not least... Barry decided to cut his hair....uh...sorry...cut is a bit of an understatement here.... u need to understand that my husband has always appeared to have the Samson syndrome... and would never cut his hair past a certain point, even though it has been thinning quite dramatically in the past few years. He cam downstairs the other day after having a go at his hair with an electric shaver.... I was like.... oh...my .....goooooooooooooooood!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!??! Thinking this was some kind of accident. He is like... "WHAT???? dont u like it?!?"


We are on our way to a barbeque at Jane and Alans.... Im driving.... and every time I look at him...I begin to laugh silently...the tears streaming down my face.... I dont know how I didnt wrap my car round a tree.... it was THAT funny. Suffice to say I had to fix the botch job he had done when we got home that evening... I am slowly getting used to it....but it has taken some getting used to.... I have NEVER known Barry to have a shaved head before!! EVER!!! And you know something...he didnt lose his strength in the process... he merely became more streamlined!!

One more thing...ladies....if u fancy a 21st century trip down memory lane...u have GOT to check out THIS site.... of course...if u have daughters...this is one for t hem too..... but for the oldies....remember the days when a cut out paper doll and some cut out clothes meant hours of fantasy fun? Those were them days....sighhhhhhh.


Dawn said...

Yades - This is such a happy sounding post. YES, I did miss you and was thrilled to see you were back. LOVE the haircut story - how's about posting a pic now so we can ALL SEE?? Glad life and home all feel so nice and comforting and fun and cosy! How happy are we that Spring is Springing!!! Had fun on the paperdoll site - cute. Keep it smoke free and keep smiling. :~) Love Dee in New Joisey. xoxoxo

Dawn said...

not sure what's up with the comments section - says no comments but i posted one - when i click to look for it, it is not there, when i came to post another one, i found it - i am a confused postal worker!!!!!

Dawn said...

ok, now i give up completely - they are both there so i look totally dilly at this point - take this as an over zealous welcome back!!!

Tammy said...

Dee - don't you have your own blog??? Wow talk about monopolizing Yades comments hope there is space for me to welcome her back :)
Yades great news on the no smoking - that is so huge, keep going. Can't imagine Barry without his hair you will HAVE to post a pic.
Take care.

Vanessa said...

I found your blog through Dadgonemad, I'm the one who posted the stats on the lactose intolerance stuff. Anyway, I wanted to say I have been reading your blog for the past hour and I love it. Greetings from Arkansas!

Freddie said...

Welcome from the UK, Vanessa of Arkansas! How nice to have u visiting..;-) Please dont be a stranger and pop round any 'ol time....oh and ta fer the back up on dads blog;-)