13 January 2005


You will be seeing this word from time to time...its a mixture of the words ponder and moments. Basically just things that were passing through my thought process.


Two things have been on my mind of late...the first being a parking situation where we reside. In the year and a half we have been living here we have been approached at least 50 times to move our cars out of other peoples so called "parking space"...bearing in mind there is only street parking which means its first come first served in reality. We all want to park as close to our front doors as possible...if not right outside it...but the reality is that that is not always possible...and so we park wherever there is a space. At no time have we ever complained to any other neighbour about them parking infront of our home so why is it that they seem to think that a certain peice of public road is their personal domain!? Moreover...why do these people think that its ok to inconvenience us by asking us to move our car in order to make their lives more convenient?!?!

And another thing... the other day I mistakenly brought my next door neighbour's wheelie (garbage) bin in after the garbage had been collected and placed it as I usually do...on the side of my house... a couple days later I noticed that what I thought was my bin...was back in the street again.....I realised at this point that I had obviously taken their bin in.... their response to this was to move their bin which was at the side of our house....over to their side of the house...which is a mere foot away....but didnt bother taking our bin back in from the street. They had obviously spotted the mistake... but chose to ignore the fact that my bin was still in the street. I dunno...I think thats just plain nasty! Having said that...and living next to these people for a year and a half....all I can say is... FUCKIN TYPICAL!


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