13 January 2005

House Update

I have to apologise to whoever it is that actually frequents my blog, and may or may not be sitting on shpielkes waiting for news on the house purchase...its been such a stressfull couple of weeks that I just couldnt face posting untill now.

We were supposed to be completing on the 14th Jan...which is tomorrow....and so its been rushing around, sloggin, sweating, stressing, toing and froing to get everything ready for the big M.O.V.E. Just as we thought we were at the finish line.... and everyone was sat at the edge of their seats listening for the final bell....somebody called a friggin time out!

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out that....
  • Our solicitor has LEFT the company!!
  • All the paperwork WASNT completed as she had told me
  • The lenders HADN'T sent a fax to our insurers as promised
  • The insurers HADN'T sent a certification to the solicitors
  • The lenders DONT deal with applicants!?
  • I'm now dealing with my solicitors ASSISTANT
  • My morgage broker is on holiday in ISRAEL
  • The vendors cannot move now for another 2 WEEKS!
  • and finally..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHH!!

The good news is ... we are DEFINATELY completing on the 26th of January.

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