30 December 2004

Little Miracles

With the tragic and heartwrenching Tsunami catastrophy unveiling, a still unconfirmed total of 116 000... one hundred and sixteen THOUSAND lives lost, I cant help but look at the little miracles that have come to pass.

One story that my brother heard from a friend who lives in Phuket... who had been in higher ground when the waves hit, but whos wife and newborn were on the beach at the time... when the first wave hit the beach the wife and baby were torn apart by the force... the mother scrambled blindly in the water trying to find her newborn baby... a second wave came in throwing her baby straight back into her arms! They are both recovering in hospital.

Another small miracle...is the world coming together in its time of need, crossing all divides, all with outstretched hands, offering help and prayer to the survivors. Look what we can do when we are all of one mind people!! Let us not need another tragedy to remind us....remember who we are!!! Armed with naught but love and compassion we can stand together and help each other!! I challenge any one reading this to say that they dont feel some pain in their heart for those directly affected... the reason we are feeling this pain...is because...

we ARE all ONE!!! When God said..."do unto others as you would have done to yourself" THIS is what was meant! Do unto others as if you were doing it unto YOU...because in reality...thats exactly what you are doing.

Love each other, tell each other, and live each day as if it were your last!!



Dawn said...

at a complete loss for words other than, prayer, gratitude and give, give, give!

capeshell said...

Ques = will you find this here?
Yades, wot a treat to see you shining thru this here blogg (now that i have actually managed to work my way thru it (and not get lost in the maze of other blogs from your site).

Yes Tsunami was indeed about living each day as if it's your last--- and wot keeps us from doing so? F E A R, and even as i say it to myself, i find myself wearing my mask, my blanket and my boots of FEAR.

So keep trusting, keep loving and building your beautiful family, your beautiful self and your beautiufl blog (ps lounge is awesome cool hip and all!) can't wait to see it in the flesh