28 January 2005

60 million years ago

Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the Holocaust in which, amongst other races, creeds and colours, 6 million jews were put to death by Hitler and his band of merry men. Just so we get this into perspective here... the Earthquake and Tsunami have claimed approx. 250 000 lives, a natural disaster, mother nature shaking her formidable fist. Not that I am trying to belittle the enormity of this tragedy but.... S.I.X M.I.L.L.I.O.N MURDERS! Thats a lotta latkes!

Danny comes home yesterday from school, and says...mom, Im lighting a candle today, I say...what for? He replies, because a lot of people died 60 million years ago.

Ok...so he lights the candle.... we are watching telly.... we see him sitting cross legged infront of the burning candle, his hands facing up on his knees in a meditation position going....."hummmmmmmm.....huuummmmmmmmm" We quietly watch, he then gets up saying..."ugh it didnt work!" I say, wot were u trying to do? He replies....

"Go to another planet!"

*not a bad idea pal.... just make sure u call your mother when u get there*

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