31 January 2005

Moving day

Well all....it has finally arrived.... we are hopefully completing the sale today around midday and will be moving in shortly thereafter.

We will finally join the elite group called...home owners! YAY US!

This will probably be my last post for a short while till I get my life back in some semblance of normality....but u will be pleased to know I have hit the 2 week mark smoke free!

Anyhoo...I am shattered so...its off to club duvet in this here RENTED accomodation for the VERY LAST TIME!



Tammy said...

That is awesome news Yades - wish you every happiness in your new home!!
Congrats on the two week no smoking anniversary.
Love to Bazza and the lil' un's.

Dawn said...

eagerly awaiting your return and to hear that you are still smoke free. how are you enjoying walking in and out through the red door? can't wait to hear your news.

Dawn said...

Yades, it's Feb. 9th, COME BACK, I MISS YOU!!!!!!