22 January 2005

Funny Bones

Tonight we were on our way to TGI Fridays for a meal with the kids...I am driving, we pull up side another car with a young bloke and obviously his chick or someone he seriously wanted to impress. We wait for the lights to change, and as they do....so this kid practically does a wheelie to make sure he pulls off first.

I am joking around about him saying how he almost paniced at the thought of not being infront. I say something like..." he is like OMG I have to get past this person!!" Danny in the back packs up laughing....he obviously saw the humourous side of it and asks me to say it again....so I do... he laughs out loud again and says... "you see mom, now THATS why I love you.... I love funny things, and you are so funny!"

Oh my prince....you dont know the HALF of it pal!...HA!

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