25 December 2004

White Chistmaass!

Today...after living in the UK for 7 and a bit years we finally had the clich'ed "white christmas". It has been snowing on and off all day. The wierd thing about it is that we live in such a frum street...and with it being saturday..shabbos...the jewish day of sabbath...it almost seemed as if the whole street was asleep all day. The nice thing was that the little bit of snow remained untouched untill a few moments ago when the shabbos ended and the gazzillions of unprotected sex results were let loose into the streets.

So in the dark...finally we can hear the screaches of joy as everyone gets pummeled with snow balls, the laughter as snow fairies are made in the street and the freezing little pink hands are brought inside to thaw for a few minutes before braving the icy outdoors again.

A cute story about snow just came to mind, when Danny was only about 3 yrs old, and we were living in london, it had snowed...a lot! Way more than the brits knew how to deal with...but I digress... Danny's word for snow....was snote....and the "snote" lasted for about 3 days....but then he woke up in the morning...to find the "snote" had all melted... he came downstairs, looked outside with his hands held up in that typical toddler "all gone" position and said..."mommy!! snote all gone?!?!" I said yes its all melted!...he responded with.... "ne'mind, we go buy thome more at de sops!"

This was the time when Dee and I began to fondly refer to Dan and Ross respectfully as "snote and snooty" (Ross became snooty cos he couldnt say snoopy) Those are good memories!!!

I guess for some...this time of year is about memories...if one isnt able to share it with those past and present. I for one feel that my day has been spent feeling the joy combined with a little sadness for wonderful memories spent in the company of wonderful people. Not all of them good...but wonderful nevertheless!...uh...I meant the memories there...not the people;-)

Looking back on the year thats past, in comparison with the years that preceded it... and at the risk of sounding corny... I can do naught but Thank God for the abundance that hath been bestowed upon this dwelling and its occupants. We have all grown so much in this last year... in every aspect of who we are. We have achieved such glorious heights, we have set ourselves goals and against all that we were taught to believe as children, we have not sucumbed to the beast...on the contrary we have saddled, reigned and ridden it. With purpose and determined valour we have acheived our greatest desires.

And so.... to you I say this.... never ever doubt that a small amount of belief in who you are right now can change every single aspect of your life, indeed...it is the ONLY thing that ever has!! I know this cos I have lived it!!

And finally... as we all stand on the threshhold of a new year, let us all for one moment, join our hearts, join our hands...not only with those we love...but with those we call our enemies too...one moment....not only with those that ave touched our lives...but with those whose lives may never have been touched....one moment where we can look upon ourselves as one light...and in that moment...see only what is...feel only love...hear only our soul....smell only purity and taste only PEACE!!

That is my wish for every single member of our exquisite race.

Re-member who we are!! Even if its just for one glorious eternal moment!


Anonymous said...

As always, you amaze me with your insight and understanding coupled with a 'way with words'. Luv ya. Mum

Dawn said...

Lovely sentiments ~ growing and learning is fun, i'n'nit! Let the good times roll right up to your red front door!!!