20 December 2004

Tis the season...falalalala

There will be no gift giving in our home this year...not for chanukka or christmas...The reason you will find in earlier posts...but to outline very briefly...we are in the throes of buying our first ever house.

Due to this fact we have had to literally pull in our belts in every aspect in order to save enough money for the deposit plus legal fees...an overwhelming amount of approx. £20 000.

With this in mind and an ever nearing deadline, we have had to explain to the children that we wont be having any present giving this season...which I have to say has been taken fairly well. I wasn't sure if Daniel understood our reasons even though I exlained them fully. I expected Sash to get it as she is old enough to have the relevant restraint. However Daniel is only 6....and on a few occassions when I had to go over the justification of no pressies... AGAIN... I asked him which would he prefer...having a new house...or some new toys....he of course replied...."new toys"....duh!!

But then yesterday...he did something which amazed us... he had found some long lost pocket money whilst we were cleaning the house....a whole £5.00 in £1 coins. He was overjoyed that his money had finally turned up....thinking it was gone forever.

He came to me with his prescious treasure in a small plastic bag...and placed it on the counter in front of me..."here mommy, you can have my five quid (slang for pounds)" I replied "why do you want me to have it darling?" His response brings tears to my eyes even now as I write this...

"Because then you can add it to the money we are saving for our new house!"

Of course I thanked him for his generous offer but said he should keep it. But in retrospect...I wonder if that was infact the right thing to do... would it maybe have made him feel like he was contributing more to the process if I had graciously accepted his offer? We will never know I guess.


Tammy said...

I think the fact that he so generously gave what he had to your pot is a testament to your parenting. My 6 year old is just as loving and giving and I too could not take it from her - I think you did right in acknowledging his thoughtful and generous gesture. He sounds like a special kid. Good luck - keep us posted.

Dawn said...

Ugh siestog man! He is such a delicious little being. Bring on the house!

Dawn said...

Had to come back for another chirp ... just can't not choon this ... hope this new house breaks the tradition of Christmas gift giving ... we have a Jewish house now, no chimney. Ross thought he didn't get a visit from Santa because he was British!