08 December 2004

The prefect princess

Its been one of those weeks...a lot of ups and downs and inbetweeners.

One of the downs this week has been discovering that our one cat (when I say one its cos we have two) "cutie" apparently decided to take on a moving car and lost. I discovered her on monday lying on the couch, after stroking her I instinctively knew something was wrong. She just wasnt responding in her normal "blech! those slimey hairless hands are touching me again!" manner. I lifted her head and although she was conscious, her head was heavy...I noticed her claws were in a state....some almost shattered and some completely gone. I could see no exposed wounds but when I tried to move her she howled. I knew then that this was something that needed professional attention.

Turns out she was hit by a car, the impact breaking her shoulder blade in half. She had to have an operation to sew the two peices of bone together with wire so they can fuse back together again. The sad part is that she has to be kept in a cage for 6 weeks to prevent her from doing anything strenuous and disturbing the healing process. Can you imagine putting a cat on extended bed rest. I keep worrying that the neighbours might look in through the front window and see her in the cage and call the RSPCA. Maybe I should put a sign on the cage saying "Nil by foot by order of the VET"

The vet told us that she was very lucky to get away with just that, most cats who have been hit by a moving vehicle usually land up with broken ribs, perforated lungs and internal bleeding as well. So we thank God that this was not the case with her.

We have made her as comfy as possible in her cage with her favourite blanket to sleep on, a bowl of food and water and a litter tray. At the moment she seems happy enough to be in there but I dread to think how heart breaking its going to be to keep her in there once she starts feeling better and wants out.

Under normal circumstances, Sasha-Lee, who feels all livings things pain, would have been devastated by this news as she is very attached to her prescious cats. Amazingly this sad news came on the very same day that she was selected to become a prefect at school. Something she has been working very hard to acheive. Something I have to say, I really didn't dare dream she could achieve. But she did it! She has done something that neither of her parents managed...she has become the Prefect Princess!

This was a small miracle for me, as the news about her cat was coloured by her acheivement.

Thanks God.


Tammy said...

Congrats on Sasha-Lee, awesome!!! As for the cat with 9 lives, hope she is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Now now Yael....remember the rhyme? i before e except after c. Wishing Cutie a happy rest.