30 November 2004


Sash asked me last night if the new house had a tree in the garden... now unbeknownst to her, I had said to Barry that one of our first purchases on moving into our first real home, was to go and purchase 2 tree's. One for each of our children of their choosing. I want to have a little 'tree planting' ceremony in our back garden with the children. Kinda a symbolic way of acknowledging that for the first time in their entire lives...they will FINALLY have 'roots'.

Having moved so many times in their lives, they have grown accustomed to staying in one place for a certain period of time...and at some point asking us when the next move will be taking place...or talking in terms of.."when we move again....." So I wanted this to be a special acknowledgment to them... no more moving... unless WE choose it to be so...and even if we do...this place will be the one where we finally grew some roots.

So the question of having a tree in the backyard had an interesting slant for me although I said nothing of our intentions....I answered that there werent any trees yet....she seemed a bit downheartened....to which I asked...why do u want a tree?

She answered.... "cos I wanted to build a treehouse" I told her that even if we planted a tree it would only be strong enough to hold a treehouse when she would be building it for HER kids...to which she replied...

"Thats ok...at least it will still be in the family!"


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Dawn said...

And ironically, it is all moving in the direction of her getting ready to spread her wings and fly! How totally cool is it that you are gonna have your OWN house!!