27 November 2004

And the award goes to....

It seems that we live in a country that doesnt have a specified day or date where we are all reminded to give thanks for all the special things and people who contribute in one way or another, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly to ones creative process.

I was reminded of this by my "oh SO american adoptees...Dee and Dan" who appear to have managed to chameleonise (shaddap its poetic license ok!) their lives in the USA to such an extraodinary extent that its almost hard to believe they once hung out at the "dolls house", jolled to "mean machines", pulled in to a china for a boerie and pap braai, went for a drive to hartebeespoort dam with the ou's or just chilled at home with some billies, a couple skywe and some castles and watched the rugby on the box.

But I digress...the point here is that they have now adopted themselves to a very different lifestyle, the "all american way" a place where the power of thought has such a tremendous effect that an entire nation falls in to line.

When they have halloween.... they pull out all the stops! see
here and here and even here...just to mention a few... when they do an election... the mexican wave syndrome can be seen....here, here and here... and of course, when they give thanks....its an abundant outcry to the rest of the world that they are a humble nation who acknowledge their fathers, sons, daughters, partners, plumbers and joe shmo down the road for all that makes them a great people.

In light of that, I have decided, I too require a "giving thanks" day...and what better day to do that...than this one, its a special day you see, its the day that comes before tomorrow, the one that yesterday has just surrendered to, it has the most glorious of names, they call it...the present, I prefer to call it... a gift!

The Presents nominees for gifting thanks day are...*please note they are in NO order of importance*....

Drum roll please.......

My most adoring, sensual, excillerating, hot, incredible, I could go on for hours...hubby Barry....for the role of "everything that is good and right in my life" you rock my world babe!
My young stars in her eyes candidate, Sasha-Lee for the role of 10 going on 30, the most beautiful girl in the world your light shines like a full moon across a calm sea.
Danny, for the role of the boy who knows no boundries, your passion for life in everything you do astounds and amazes me every minute of every day.
Mom, for the role of...well...mom....and all the sub-catagories that go with the title... you have stepped up to the plate in the hugest way possible, please know that I publicly and humbly acknowlege your generosity and I thank you.
My 3 brothers, their wives and children, for their roles as an infinite source of wisdom and courage...you guys are my heros.
My friends.... if I may beg your patience for a few more mentions.... Amandalea... you are an inspiration to me, Tray... sista... your spiritual grounding has led me through to the light every time without fail! Dee...well duh!! Luv Ya!
These are people who contribute on a daily basis to my creative processing, I thank you one and all.

And finally.... there are still some good people in the world... I take you to a scenario 6 months ago, when I overheard a client on the phone talking about spray tanning booths, I mentioned to her that I had another client who sold them if she was looking to buy one for her salon she was building, I sent her over to them telling her to mention my name so they knew where she had heard about them. My primary thought process was one of... client wants to buy something, other client wants to sell something...put the two together and hopefully something will come of it. I never thought of it again...today I was informed by the client who was selling the booths and who has since become my new landlord for my business that the deal has been concluded and a booth installed for my client... and as a thank you for the referral... I am receiving a gift of a small sum of money! A very unexpected but incredibly welcome surprise!
Thanks all at
Magic Tan.

Happy Gift Day everyone.


Dawn said...

Possibly the greatest gift of all is being present enough in ones own life to be able to recognise the abundance we are all blessed with. The line in the movie Babe, where the farmer says to Babe "that'll do pig, that'll do" says it all for me ... can you relate? Thank you for the acknolwedgement!

Dawn said...

my spell check came back to me and said it's

Anonymous said...

I know who Iam, and so do you so....thanks for the acknowledgement (with thanks to Dawn for the spellcheck). Glad to be able to help at this time. Luv ya.