19 November 2004

sucks to be the nice guy

It never ceases to amaze me that there are people in the world who will continue to take the piss, even after they have just apologized for taking the piss for something else.

I had a client today who fell into this catagory. I have certain policies and incentives in place with regard to my charging for the specialist work that I do... to mention a few... theres the "If you keep your recommended 3 week appointment, you get up to 2 repairs free of charge!" "If you dont, thats ok, but then its gonna cost ya" Fair enough dontcha think? Another policy is, "if you want to cancel your appointment, no worries, just give me enough notice to beable to replace that booking, if I have to call you cos you haven't had the decency to call...or SHOW UP...then a 50% service charge is at MY descretion"

So back to my client... she had an appointment with me, last saturday, which WAS her 3 week booking, however...she not only failed to show up, but on calling her..tried to convince me that it was for the following saturday and I must have given her the wrong date. Ok fair enough, we are all human, this is an error that could have transpired. So we rebooked for the following friday, she arrives at her appointment, apologizng profusely for the misunderstanding, which I acknowledge, and inform her that policy states I could charge her 50% however at my discretion I have chosen to let it slide.

I do her nails, now may I just point out that this woman puts her nails through a HAMMERING and brings them back to me in such a state of disrepair that it takes all my willpower not to tell her to "buy a fuckin nail brush and clean your nails before comming to me, they are THAT disgusting!" Bearing in mind it is now 4 weeks since her last visit, and she has broken 2 nails, I charge her for a 4 week infill PLUS the 2 repairs to which she starts giving me stick!

I was absolutely dumbfounded! She tells me she "isnt happy about being charged for the additional 2 repairs and I would have had to repair them had she come last week" Im like..."yes, but you DIDNT come last week did you?" I couldnt believe that after me being the nice guy and waivering the 50% surcharge, she is still having a go at me for applying my normal 4 week charges. I would have been well within my rights to charge her for both!

Needless to say, I was forced to point out to her that its that...or the 50% surcharge for not showing up the week before...I mean Im not doing this work for my health, and just because she doesnt show up, doesnt mean I dont have to pay my expenses for that time and revenue lost.

I won the case, but I dare say... I may never see her and her manky nails again...boofuckinhoo!


Dawn said...

There is no being stranger than the human being!!!!!!

Dawn said...

Hey Frederica ... wassup with yo' email ~ hanging for the next storie ook! Hugs and smooches to ya nail tech. extrordinaire!!!!!