21 October 2004


Yup! For those that know the meaning to this most treacherous and feared word in the purchasing of property in the UK, you may now bow your heads in a moments silence for those that have gone before us.

For those that havent a clue wot I am on about....heres the lowdown ... be warned.... if u choose not to read profound obscenities....look away NOW!!

Gazumped defined means the following: when one finds a house they would like to purchase, they put an offer on said house in good faith, the seller then accepts the offer (cos a better one hasnt come along just yet) the said buyer then begins a process of hard earned spendature in order to secure said property. At some point during this process, a third party who we shall name ...lemme think....ummm....oh i know!!......
FUCKTURDASSWIPESHITFORBRAINSCUNTSCUM... slips a higher bid into the pot and the seller who we shall name...hmmm lets see now.....
GREEDYMONEYGRUBBINGFUCKINPISSFUNGI Decides to accept said higher bid...leaving you....suckerofnote...with nothing but expenses for a house somebody ELSE is buying!!!

You pal.....have just been gaFUCKINzumped!!!

Yes people, this happens so often in the UK that they actually made a fucking word for it! That wonderful house we were so excited about finally being able to buy.....well...apparently.....some guy named.....fuckturdasswipesomethinorother is now buying it. We are now gazumpies!

I know there is something far better waiting in the wings, but damnit...I really fuckin liked that house!!!! Apologies for the ventage features.

One last thing...I just wanna say to the one and only person that has taken the time and effort to actually post any comments on my blog....I fuckin love u broekies!!....mwah!!


Dawn said...

It's cos you say things like "ventage features"!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolute blerry cheek hey. I couldn't believe they let it work like that either. Whata joke. Really sorry to hear about the trauma you've had. Don't let the bastards get you down kiddo. Thinkin about you guys down in Portsmouth. You'll get your house girl. Never give up.

Bronco Buddha said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

From what I understand, when the Romans conquered Carthage, they poured rock salt over the grass and waited for the next rain for the salt to melt. Eventually, it poisoned the soil so that all the vegetation died and nothing was able to grow there subsequently. A homeowner who might theoretically be faced with a similar predicament would have to replace all the topsoil and resod the entire lawn, quite an expense, but a good laugh for a vengeful person.

That's my useless bit of trivia for the day. Use it as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yaellibus

Just a little hello from downunder to keep your blogger Chogging on