30 October 2004

Tooth Fairy

The other day my son Daniel finally pulled out his front tooth that had been so loose that it was standing at a right angle to all the other teeth. We all cheered as he was gagging on the blood but was nevertheless thrilled at his accomplishment.

The excitement at the imminent tooth fairies visit to "under his pillow" had him bathed, fed and ready for bed in record time. "how will the tooth fairy know where to find my tooth mom?" " I wanna stay awake so I can see the tooth fairy!" "Can u ask the tooth fairy to leave me a tenner! (£10)"

I remember the last time he lost a tooth, the "tooth fairy" kept forgetting to leave him some money, so he came to me and said he had a good idea...how about if I give him the money for the tooth, and then I can get the money back from the tooth fairy...Im thinking..result! However, since then he has discovered his tooth in my purse, so in order to get more money he keeps asking me for his tooth back so he can put it under his pillow and get more money. Im tellin ya this kid is a shrewdy!

I recall the days when Sash was losing her teeth, we were so skint that we had to scrape together 20pence to put under her pillow, of course eventually she got that we were infact the tooth fairies and one day turned to me and said..." agh mom, just give me the money, I know there isnt a real tooth fairy anymore" and I knew at that moment...my baby was growing up.

That moment came in a different form with Daniel.... although he still believes in the tooth fairy...the day after his tooth fell out, I took him to school as usual, and when all the kids were going in.... I gave him my usual....gimme a kiss and have a brilliant day feature...which he did, but then as he was walking in with his buddy...I watched him pull this face at his friend...and say....eeeyuuuuwww that was disgusting!!

I smiled...but my heart ached a little, no more public displays of affection for mommy... it seemed as tho, with the new found gap in his mouth, he had found a new sense of independance.

Dream sweet my big babies....you will always be babies to me.....xx

muh babes
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just came to do the email and decided to check first. good font size, well done on the pic - oooooo are we showing off features now! (joke!).