27 August 2006


Gawd! How time flies eh? Been ages since I have managed a post, and yet there is so much going on that I'm not entirely sure where to begin.

As it is probably the foremost thing on my mind at present...I am returning to the land of my birth, my motherland, I'm going back to my roots...yea! Yes people, I shall be winging my way to Joeys, Jo'burg, Gauteng, South Africa one week from today! The prodigal daughter returns and all that malarky. It has been almost 10 years since we left those god-forsaken shores and over 5 years since my last visit.

The motivation: My Best Friends Wedding! You may remember a post entitled "Mandela" which was dedicated to this special woman. I swore that I would be there for her wedding...and wherever humanly possible, I like to keep my promises.

The best and worst part, is that I am flying solo! A difficult decision, but a necessary one. Best because I wont have any one else to consider or consult before making a decision while there, worst because they very much want to accompany me (especially Sash) and I desperately would like to share this with them. But reality bites people! So it's Billy-no-mates-doing-jo'eys-solo-features.

Speaking of Billy-no-mates... it has come to my attention that my son, my king... has FINALLY (after almost 2 years in this house) made some friends down the road! Whoopeeeee! So today he brought his "friend" round to see his house.... his gorgeous, blond, petite, named Sophie..."friend"...hehe...and oh my gawd guys, I witnessed my rambunctious, cocky, cheeky, bless his little tochas, son...turn into the perfect little gentleman. Offering drinks and biscuits and crisps after a grand tour of our somewot messy home. Ha! (see mom! I TOLD u he would sort himself out!) Now ...if I can just get Sash to meet a couple of local kids...hmmm.

Finally, my mom in law...has officially left the building! After having her as a houseguest for close to 6 months, and as much as I loved having her here, I was muchos relieved that I was getting my house, my life, and my privacy back. I wish her well in her new home.


NMOTB said...

Hi, was wondering what had happended to you!!! Glad you are back - Love the pics below, Puss in Pot - Mwhaahahahahahahha

Dawn said...

About bladdy time too! Sheesh! Ok, so Elvis has left the building - which I hope will mean regular updates on your return from Zous Afrika. I did it again, read 'Mandela' as MANDELA - as in Madiba - and thought - what is this woman going on about now - lol! Cutest Danny story - offering drinks and biscuits, ag siestog! Loves and hugs to you all. xox