10 May 2006

Holy Crap Batman!

Sorry peeps... life has just gotten the better of me. Tricky when you have mom in law living in what used to be your computer/office room. Not much time to sit and ponder the www.

Anyhoo, moving swiftly on... about a month ago babe and I were invited to a client/friends 40th birthday bash which I have to say, we thoroughly enjoyed.

As you can see from the pic, it was a murder mystery evening. Basically each guest is given a character role to play in the event. Someone gets 'murdered' and the show begins. My character was "Susan Stone" (must have been the way I was sitting with no knickers on...lol) and "I" loved the man who was murdered. So every time his name (Nigel Nigel) was mentioned throughout the night... I had to shout out in my most passionate distressed cry "I loved him!!" other people also had to respond to certain key words, for example one lady had to sing "I write the songs that make the whole world sing" every time the word "music" was said.

Of course it all started off with me shouting out "I LOVED HIM!!!" As I immediately took on my role as "Nigel Nigel's" most adoring fan. Everyone turned to look at me like I had just dropped out of a UFO with 7 arms and a very large vagina looking body oozing slimey goo and making strange pfft pfft noises. Of course the more I shouted out, "I LOVED HIM" the more they would say Nigels name. It got quite silly when the hosts came over to our table and interviewed me, and in my utter devastation at my beloved Nigel Nigel being murdered before my very eyes... all I could mutter into the mic was... "I loved him" When asked, who are you...I replied, "Susan Stone, I loved him" When asked, why are you here? I replied " because I loved him" When asked do you know who killed him? I replied... "No, but...I loved him!" I was THAT good people! I came <~~this~~> close to winning the award for the "most annoying character of the evening" Then some shmuck who refused to even PLAY goes and gets MY oscar! HMPH!

Babe on the other hand, was a member of the elite "tarzan club" his name... Gordon Gorilla! If that wasn't funny enough...he was called up to the front stage to do his best tarzan call....omg people...a "had to be there" moment!!! I almost wet my pants when, after them playing a recording of the tarzan call not once, not twice but 3...yes THREE times..."Gordo" made this sound that could have resembled a werewolf with a bad case of britney spears wannabe blues. Something like this...if one can possibly textualize a sound...it went... AH wooooOOOooo oh oh oooOOOohhh ah.


Needless to say... an awesome time was had by all.

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Dawn said...

I remember Alex going to a few of these kinds of parties in the UK. I have always wanted to know what they were like for adults. Sounds like you had a jol!