29 March 2006

To clean or not to clean...who stole the question?!?

Ok so , being an Ex-spoiled-rotten-never-had-to-lift-a-finger-the-maid-will-do-it-South african... I have grown accustomed to doing it ALL! Hello...MULTITASKING!! Now I never said I do it all WELL, but I DO do it. Dont like it much, but I do it. Almost 9 Years of doing it, the cleaning, the cooking, the laundry, the hoovering, the polishing, the tidying, oh, the ever thankless tasks, to infinitum and beyond!

How I would rub a magic lamp and wish for my Lizzie, my prescious mafuta sqweezah! (my live in maid I had in SA)

Did I mention anywhere that I am raising 2 children..no wait...Im married....make that 3! And let us not forget, my business...Nail stylist extraordinaire..a full time commitment there...ooopsss...wait...I now have added ANOTHER string to my ever enlarging bow...I am now an educator/distributor for Pronails. In other words...I do Gel Nail Enhancements Training. Yes people, I teach other people how to create the worlds best Nails. (details can be found here)

Heres where it gets a little tricky. Yesterday I was processing all the housework that needed doing as apposed to the time available to do it and I said to myself...."self, you really need to get a cleaner!" So of course, the ever reliable, good old universe SHOWS UP and slots a leaflet through my letter box.

"DO YOU NEED A MAID2CLEAN?" it reads...

"yes!" I shout, my body shuddering with sheer extacy "yes Yes YES!!!!"



how am I gonna do that?

How am I gonna have some stranger, come into my home, go through my things, without me there?!?

Well, I will just have to BE there!

But that defeats the object of having a cleaner doesn't it?

I mean...I cant be sitting around doing diddly sqwat, while someone else cleans MY house!??!

Ok, so... you can let her in, THEN go out. Right?

But then she is left alone in the house. Wot if she steals stuff?

No, I should go...then....come back...and inspect the house, check that nothings missing.

Ok...that could work...but then...hang on...how clean should I leave the house BEFORE she arrives?

Do I make all the beds? or does a cleaner do that?

Ok so, its cool, I think I have it sorted...

But... I wont beable to get a cleaner in, untill I have managed to give the house a good spring clean. Cos, well, I want her to see how I need it kept. And everything must be put away, and I must get a safe for my most prescious bits, and I will have to get the carpets professionally cleaned.

I cant have someone, who's job it is to look for dirt and mess, see MY dirt and mess!!!

But with my work schedule and other family commitments, I will only have at the most, one day a week to get that all done...AND keep up the daily chores.

Sooooooooo....Im thinking....I will beable to book my new maid...say.....NEVER!

Oh dear lord I think I need professional help....in more ways than I care to mention!


alan smithee said...

My girlfriend has a house cleaner. I think it takes more time to find things and put them back (Those pants were hanging on the bed for a reason!) than is saved by the cleaning.

Anonymous said...

At least you've got a dishwasher. My last one was my maid! I'm tired of that awful sink constantly collecting things for me to washup - it never stops.
If you find a cleaner, give her my number.

Tammy said...

When I first moved in with Josh I told him I wanted to hire a cleaning lady once a week, he is Mr. Clean and me, well, I am so not!! He put up such a fuss, eventually he said if you pay for her then thats ok with me. So I did, her name was Util, and she cleaned once a week, she did such a great job the floors literally shone. When we were getting married in SA, I said to him, OK I am going to be away for 8 weeks, let me stop her as you will only be gone for 3 weeks. Stop Util? No he says. maybe she will get someone to fill her roster. So he became a convert - so easy to convert someone to laziness!! Try use a cleaning service that a friend uses, its so hard to have just anyone in your home, and a sparkling clean house that you did not have to clean, well that's the life!!!

Tammy said...

If u ever feel like updating your blog - I tagged you!!