20 October 2005

yea woteva!

O.K! O.K! Even Im getting bored of visiting my blog...its just that...I have so much fun visiting everybody elses blogs and being a incessant (ok im gonna stop trying to spell that word right)everybody elses blog lurker.

So many people with such amazing talent out there...I dare to wonder why I even bother really. My stuff isnt funny, it isnt profound, some of it isnt even interesting, and how...pray tell...does one get ANY input when one cant get more than 3 comments on a good day. I visit the likes of amalah who gets like 45 comments on a bad day! ...ugh...wtf!

Tell u what....Im about ready to sell my kids!!!!!!! Any takers? As much as I love them...and...I do adore them...the times of me begging for the moment when sleep overcomes them are getting far to closely spaced. I HATE,HATE,HATE SCHOOL BREAKS!!!!! I hate having to spend at least 2 hours EVERY night going from mother of the year to screaming banshee with a VERY short fuse! I hate that at the point of no return... I want to hurt someone! Usually myself! I hate that I hate who I am in these moments...and most of all...I hate that no matter how I approach it...every night...is the friggin same.

There! Im done! No really! Im d.o.n.e!


Dawn said...

I also find just about any and every other blog besides mine intimidating. Sheesh, every time you post more than one pic on one blog I hate you for being cleverer than me. As far as the parenting thing goes ... you weren't expecting an answer from me, were you, or a suggestion, or a top parenting hint of the week ... what I do know, is that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope that I never reduced my Mom to feeling like such as piece of worthless shit as my step daughter has made me feel this week. I identify with your frustrations and TOTALL, SO GET what you mean about hating yourself when you are anything less than the best version of yourself, especially when it is in relation to or in response to our little children. Love you to bits! xoxoxxoxo And when all else fails, my comments are something you can rely on.

Dawn said...

um, that should read TOTALL-Y, not TOTALL!

Dawn said...

or maybe it should be poepall!!! hahahahah

Dawn said...

and ONE more thing, you actually spelt I.N.C.E.S.S.A.N.T correctly.