22 October 2005


My 7 year old asks me...in the frozen food section of TESCO's... out of the blue....

"Mom... Why do you have such dark nipples?!?!?"

I say embarrasingly quietly... "Danny, this is not the place to discuss my nipples..."

Dan says loudly " I know but...howcome your nipples got so big??"

The following morning... he asks while I am dressing for work...

"mom, do all fat people have such big bums?"

O M G!!!

Love em...or kill em!


Tammy said...

My daughter, Ryan, always tells me how when she is old she is not going to have a wobbly bum like her mom. Oh the joys of gravity and abusing my body :) Thank G-d for pants and G-strings.

Elaine said...

OK....this was just the best. Did you blush at Tesco. I tried to imagine what I would have done. I think I would just have laughed.....this is beyond funny. So Freddie....why are your nipples so dark?