13 June 2005

Short lived

Ah well...that was short lived...my claim to fame slipped through my fingers without even a passing glance. I wasnt even a one minute wonder...lol

I guess I will just have to wait till Sash becomes a famous singer for my day in the limelight. Why do they call it lime light anyway? I mean...if its anything like limescale....who the fuck wants it?!? Besides...green does nothing for my skin tone. Pah!


Dawn said...

Well that took long enough! Sheesh - did you not get my email asking you if the voting was closed or not, cos when I went to vote, it said it was closed! My one chance to vote since 1993 and IT WAS CLOSED!?!?!?

In response to today's most welcome return post ...
in the limelight

Also, in the spotlight. At the center of public attention or notoriety. For example, John loves being in the limelight, or The reporters made sure the attractive new actress would be in the spotlight. Both terms come from the theater and allude to focusing light on an important person, the first from a lighting device used from about 1840 on, the second from the early 1900s. Also see in the public eye; steal the show.

source: www.answers.com

You weren't expecting anything less, were you? Hugs. Me xoxo

Tammy said...

Hmmm bet you will get your 15 minutes through some heroic mommy or nail moment.