22 January 2005

Days 5,6 and 7

Just so u dont get to bored with the repetition... I thought I would start crammin a few days in. Infact...now that I have hit the BIG ONE WEEK mark. I will be only doing weekly updates on my attempt to quit the cancer stick.

I have to say that I am amazing myself every day that I go without a ciggie, and yes Tam... I bloody am still playing with labels....actually...its not labels anymore its ribbon... and it now has a name... my "gucci" blanket...dubbed thus by my wonderful brother in law David. (Barrys sister Tracey's hubby). I have to say...that it has certainly helped me get over the 'wot to do with my hands feature' which is great.

The bad news is...I am putting on weight....but I am not waivering, I know once I have mastered the smoke free zone...that my weight will be my next big....er.....did I say big?....well I didnt mean THAT big....I meant the other big...project of losing weight.

Slowly slowly... catch the monkey.

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Tammy said...

Your "Gucci" Love that - funny how certain memories just stick in ones mind. The other really vivid one I have of you, is shortly after Sasha-Lee was born, you were nursing with a bag of cheese curls or was it flings? skinny as hell, and you came into your living room, wearing a pair of pants u hadn't worn in years, Barry took Sasha from you, we were sitting on your sofa's and all you could see was this tiny little hand over his shoulder. Tears welled up in your eyes and I remember being so perplexed, yes it was cute but could not imagine an emotion as overwhelming as the one you had- it was written all over your face. You blubbered something about him being so big and her so little. I have had so many of those raw emotion moments since entering the sacred world of parenthood :) A whole different perspective on the otherside. Mal hey .............