19 January 2005

day 4

Started out feeling pretty strong after a good nights sleep last night. I decided to remove the patch before going to sleep and it certainly helped me get a good nights rest in.

However this was to be short lived when I started receiving phone calls from the estate agents saying that if we dont exchange contracts tomorrow they are going to pull out.

Omg!! I seriously cannot go into it all over again here...suffice to say that I came [...] <~ this close to having a ciggie!! I have done everything but lick the kitchen sink to stop myself. I am sooooo stressed by this I cant tell u.

I havent even gotten to my hard time of the bloody day yet!!!



Dawn said...

Chines - good on you for getting through the rough times. Phone the Department of Health and ask them if they have the handbook available still on HOW TO GIVE UP SMOKING that was produced with Jennifer Percival. If you can't lay your hands on a copy, let me know and I will see if I can assist from this end. It outlines a program - very, very helpful and I think you will benefit a lot from it. Not that I want to give confusing signals or anything - lol - but after scremaing GIVE UP for all these years, I now shout DON'T GIVE UP, in the most supportive way possible. You are doing great! xoxoxoxo

Tammy said...

Congrats on 4 days under the belt!! Must be five by now. Time to get the scissors and cut out every label out of every item of clothing in your house, if you have not done so already - do you still play with labels. I started rolling paper when I stopped smaoking about 15 years ago and can you believe I still roll it. I still miss smoking at times but love the improved lung capacity - hang in there.