16 October 2004


Its been a while since my last posting, in that time so much has changed and yet stayed the same.

Some of the changes have been the following, for those of you that know... we are in the process of purchasing our very first home... and last saturday a morgage was "approved in principal" this means that as long as the lenders find no reasons not to grant the morgage...that infact...they agree to lend us the money to purchase the house.

With this process of agreement the lenders instruct a surveyor to do an on site report of the property which is a legal requirement in purchases. This has since transpired and hopefully has been positive in its outcome. And so we head toward the biggest possible debt.... hanging onto our balls, boobs and flobberly bits.

On monday night I spoke with my dear friend, confidant, guru and all time broe online, she told me that she hadnt been very well recently and this concerned me... but in her own inevitable and incredible way she managed to make light of her own situation. A woman who has such a huge amount of courage in the face of unsurmountable odds.

I went to work the next morning slightly heavy hearted and had an encounter with a baby bird... an injured baby bird who had fallen out of its nest on the front doorstep of the salon. I dont know why I felt the need to make a connection between the two....but I HAD to help rescue this baby bird. Nobody wanted to touch the bird, but I couldnt leave it laying in the doorway, injured, alone, helpless and terribly afraid. So I scooped it up and placed it into a nest of tissues in a box. The RSPCA instructed us to leave it where its parents could find it, so we put the box ontop of a car. My colleagues waving and making coo coo sounds at the 2 adult birds hanging out on the roof of the building, the birds didnt seem very interested so we thought maybe they were afraid and needed to be left alone to do their parent pidgeon thing.

A few minutes later two very drunk vagrants were seen walking off with one baby pidgeon filled cardboard box. "OI!!!" shouted my colleague..... "Thats MY bird!!!!" and promptly ran after them and snatched the boxed bird back. Finally the baby bird was placed back into its nest ontop of the casing that houses the metal shutters used to lock up the salon and every day we pop out to see if the baby bird is recovering. Today I saw it waddling about up there with its head bobbin about.

U go broe!!! I mean....bird!!

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Dawn said...

I HUMBLY thank you for sharing this ~ suffice to say, this bird came pretty close to having her wings clipped! I went down a fairly scary path after speaking with you but am back, very clear about not wanting to be anywhere else I might add.
Am in the process of preparing a post to share my experience of the last few days of last week.
In the meantime, you go get that house - boobs, balls and flobbery bits! Lots of Love, THE BOID!!!!!