06 October 2004


I have a client who's partner has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. My client is 55 and her partner...32! I have yet to meet a person (my client) who has more negative energy flowing in her life. There is always something wrong with her or a family member.

I have to ask.. does the fact that she attracts so much negative energy in her life maybe have a knock on effect on those nearest and dearest to her??? Could her partner be absorbing some of that energy into her body and perhaps in doing so....become a contributory factor to her developing such a devastating disease in her body?

My clients partner, who we shall name...Hillary, is one of the nicest people I have met, although I dont know her terribly well, I have always picked up really good energy from her. Now it has been known that there are those that attract certain energies into their existence for a purpose which they may or may not be consciously aware of. I am a strong believer in there being no coincidences in life and no collisions of souls reuniting. With that in mind....I can totally see where my client benefits from having this soul come into her world....Im just having a hard time seeing where Hillary benefits.

Perhaps she just chooses to experience who she is in relation to my client? Perhaps she is a physical representation of who my client is or wot my client chooses to experience in her life? Regardless of all the to'ing and fro'ing I have been doing recently in my heart to justify the devastating turn in this womans life... I just want to pull her toward me, cradle her now balded head against my breast and somehow magically obliterate that which causes her pain and discomfort. I want to look into her eyes and see the fear that currently resides there transformed into hope.

I want to place my hand over her heart and plug into an infinite source of energy from deep within my being and let it flow freely from mine into hers, filling her from the tips of her toes till it can be seen emenating from every pore in her skin, creating a glowing positive energy force field...inpenetrable by any negative influence.

But I guess prevention is better than cure.... its national breast cancer awareness month in october... all u need to do is click here ... every click helps give the gift of hope to women in need...and it costs u nadda!

And to Hillary....Light and love to you.

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