10 October 2006

Now I remember...

Stumbled on this article courtesy of news24 .com, which had me floored at the utter arrogant idiocy with which these people operate.

Johannesburg - Five Ivory Park would-be hijackers got more than they bargained for when they allegedly tried to rob a man of his car, North Rand police said on Tuesday.

Superintendent Eugene Opperman said one of the five robbers had a pistol and instructed the driver to get out of his car on Sunday evening.

The 35-year-old man took his car keys, got out of his car and was able to push two of the four men away.

"He then ran towards the hijacker's car where he pulled out the driver and drove away to the Ivory Park police station and reported the matter," said Opperman.

(ed. note: Not the wisest of descisions but hey...a pretty brave move none-the-less! Now this is where it goes from the sublime to the ridiculous.... )

After a short while, one of the five who had allegedly tried to hijack the man came to the police station to report his car stolen.

(ed note: Seriously dude! You're a hijacker!!! you report YOUR car stolen??? BY the guy who's car YOU were hijacking?!?!?)

"By coincidence, a woman who was reporting a case of rape recognised the robber who had raped her earlier on Sunday," Opperman said.

(AND you're a rapist who just commited a rape as well?!?...talk about trusting the justice system...and yay for the poor woman who probably thought they would never catch the bastidge!)

The man was arrested at the scene while his four accomplices were arrested shortly afterwards. The five were charged with attempted armed robbery and rape and would appear in Kempton park's magistrate's court on Tuesday.

You can read the full story here!


Tammy said...

Jissus Broe but that is mal hey!!! Only in South Africa!!!

Dawn said...

THat is totally ridiculous - what a completely crazy story.
p.s. I've answered your question!