04 July 2006

The P.A.R.T.Y

Ok so, whilst its still fresh in my mind... heres the low down of Sashi's big day.

We bought a gorgeous white marquee tent in which to have the party ala South African style...ie...in the 'gardin' ... somebody forgot to tell me I wasn't Dorothy and that I definately wasn't in 'Kansas' anymore... well....loads of people told me but...would I listen?!? pfffft!

We are in the midst of a "heat wave" here in Manchester... which in its essence is laughable to say the least...infact they stated on the radio this morning that we are one notch away from a state of emergency should it get any hotter....ahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!! Yes people... in the middle of a friggin heat wave...twenty-fuckin-eight degrees out there! All us rainbow peeps are grinning from ear to ear chooning "ja man, now THIS is summer! pull out the braai (barbeque)"

But alas, much like our south african summer, those late afternoon thunder showers which would be welcomed with a dash inside for a chill on the cool leather sofa infront of the telly untill it stopped and if it wasnt lightning, we could even have a goof (swim) in the rain...

There was no holding back mother nature on sunday.

At 5pm, after a sweltering day of trying to keep ice and chocolates from melting and drinks to stay chilled and decorating the marque with pink, silver and black helium balloons, ribbons ect.

The heavens opened, but not just opened... a mancunian phrase aptly describes it as 'CHUCKIN IT DOWN!'. We were in an electrical thunder storm that created rivers in the roads in a matter of minutes. I wasn't worried... it would pass... rather now than later eh? So for an hour it torrented down, and we watched the marque thrashing in the gale force winds, the balloons which were loose on the ceiling of the marquee almost making their way out of the air vents. Barry and his brother ran out when they noticed the ceiling beginning to cave in from the weight of the water and began pushing the water out... the carpet getting soaked.

Then the dj called, "are we still going ahead?" "we dont have a choice! Its gonna break! Its just a summer storm!" I shout down the phone worried that the lightening overhead is gonna shoot through the mouth peice and melt my fillings. "Right, see u in 30 mins" says he.

By the time he arrived, the rain had stopped and just that distant rumble every so often reminded us of what had passed. They got all the gear into the marquee and I set about trying to dry the tables and chairs a bit, went inside to finish my make-up and realised we had been in the eye of the storm as the winds picked up again and so began the tale end of what we will fondly dub " hurricane SHIRA (Sashi's hebrew name).

The DJ insisted that this was it for the night, he wasnt going to put his or the lives of everyone else at risk by staying out in the marquee and we needed to move the whole party inside. All hands on deck at this point with the men carrying all my lounge and dining furniture into the marquee and all the party and disco gear into the rapidly emptied lounge dining area of my home. Literally with 2 mins to spare.

Guests started arriving, by 7:35 the rain had stopped! The sun returned to its former spendour and I had 25 kids crushing chocolate, crisps, burgers, hotdogs, sherbert ect into my carpets, putting mustard onto helium balloons and sending them back up to my ceiling, sitting around texting each other on their mobiles or hanging around outside on the street while the dj played his music to himself. Whilst the small contingency of adults sat around my dining room table...in the marquee!

At that point I just decided to stop worrying and to just enjoy the evening, everybody was fed, warm, dry, happy, but most of all...Sasha-Lee was having a good time. We had some special moments where we dedicated some songs to her and of course I landed up bawling in her arms after asking the dj to play the first song that her little ears ever heard on the day she was born when I sang these words by Prince to her:

Could U beThe Most Beautiful Girl in the World
It's plain 2 see
U're the reason that God made a girl

When the day turns into the last day of all time
I can say, I hope that U are in these arms of mine
When the night falls before that day I will cry
I will cry tears of joy cause after U all one can do is die

Could U beThe Most Beautiful Girl in the World
It's plain 2 see
U're the reason that God made a girl

How can I get through days when I can't get through hours
I can try but when I do I see U and I'm devoured
Oh Yes

Who'd allow, who'd allow a face 2 be soft as a flower
I could bow and feel proud in the light of this power

Could U beThe Most Beautiful Girl in the World
It's plain 2 seeU're the reason that God made a girl
Oh yes U are

And when the stars fall one by one from the sky
I know Mars could not be 2 far behind
Cuz baby, this kind of beauty has got no reason 2 ever be shy
Cuz honey this kind of beauty is the kind that comes from inside

Could U be (Could U be) The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
So beautiful, beautiful
It's plain 2 see (It's plain 2 see)
U're the reason that God made a girl


NMOTB said...

Hallo Daar! Thanks for stopping by and adding to the story..... you have a nice blog and sounds like your party was a great sucess!!!

Dawn said...

Yussis, China-B ... I'mnot sure why but now that I have had a chance to read this ... when I got to the part about the toppies sitting around the tafel in the tent - I lagged. One wonders sometimes what the vok it takes for whom ever "it" is to sommer just give us a break and just let everything go according to plan. Having said that though, it takes special people to create every day, common events and turn them into something never to be forgotten. MAZAL TOV - it indeed sounds like you had a jol. What you got in mind for Danny's Barmie?? Maccy- Dees??? Hugs and kisses to all ... and, yes - it is an awesome song. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Younnnt hat a battttttnnntnnntmitzvahnnnnnt int a tnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt?

Mazeltov. I enjoy your blog. Keep it up...nnnntnnnt


ronarden said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Yael, you must be the most supportive mother ever. No wonder the kids adore you.



Anonymous said...

Hey Friendi,
know who i am??/
Remember taht song is brought tears
to my eyes. I cant believe Sash is sooooooo grown up. mAZELTOV