21 July 2006

He said, She said...

Just a couple of funny things my kids have come up with recently....

As its been really...REALLY hot here in Manchester recently and the fact that Danny is a born and bred brit, bless his little 8yr old tochas (bum), he stated to me on what was recorded to be the hottest day of the year when I fetched him from school...

"Mom, I am SO hot that even my sweat has got sweat!!"


Sash, my 12 yr old, on the other hand came up with a doozie remark the other day the onversation went something like this:

Me: so how was school?
Sash: Fine
Me (hoping to get more than the usual one word responses): did you learn anything interesting today?
Sash: Actually, someone told me that they have discovered a new planet.
Me: Really? who told u that?
Sash: Oh, I cant remember who, just heard someone saying.
Me: Cool! So is it like in our solar system?
Sash: I dunno.
Me: Hmm, is it in this galaxy?
Sash: I dunno.
Me: Well where is this new planet then?

Sash: What do you want....Directions!??!?!


I collected Danny from school the other day, he climbs in the car stating that "today was THE worst day of his life!!!!!!" (NB mega exclamations!)
I ask him "why? What happened?"
He says "someone stabbed him!"
Shocked I say "what u mean stabbed u, with what?!??!"
He replies " another boy stabbed me with his pencil!" pulling his shirt open at the same time and showing me a pin prick puncture in his chest. "I can hardly breathe now!"
I say " aww, its just a little hole, Im sure u will be fine"
He says " the worst part of it was that I was so thirst and hungry but I didnt have anything to drink or eat 'cos I was scared that if I did, it would come squishing out of the hole...and now Im starving!!"


NMOTB said...

Kids, they can say the funniest things - so innocently!

Dawn said...

Like do you think a new planet is such big news, Mom - come on!?!?! Sweat was sweating- that is hilarious!!!!