08 January 2006


Um, a favour please... Could EVERYONE that visits my blog please attempt a comment. I need to see if they are working cos... I dont seem to be getting any comments of late and I cant find the problem. So...maybe the problem...is ...uh...me?!

Ta Muchly

Yours truly


Tammy said...

First you ignore the comments I actually left and then you don't visit my blog anymore - hmmmmm. Heard you will not be coming to play on this side of the pond - sorry to hear that would have been nice to see you guys or at least chat if that was not the case. Gorgeous girls - whose the blondie??

Dawn said...

testing testing 1 2 3

Anonymous said...

I am an anonymous comment, from an anonymous man, who thinks you shouldn't smoke any more.

Anonymous said...

Tried! Nothing happened.