17 July 2005

Ahem!...tap tap...is this thing one??

You know how sometimes you get so caught up in the world around u that you find yourself eventually spinning out of control. YOur hands grasping for something to grab onto to steady your feet?.

The past three weeks have had some pretty similar qualities for me...starting with our little Tia...who if u check the comments for this post I have posted an update email I recieved from my client for all you groovy people that chose to show up.

The following weekend was for me... a world changing event. Live 8! After finishing work having listened to it on the radio, I went home and watched into the early hours of the next morning, tears welling in my eyes on numerous occassions at the power of the "ONE". Something which is talked about many times in the CWG series of books by Neale Donald Walsch. That only mass consciousness will change how we live right now. Mass consciousness in its true essence spurred and nourished by love could bring about a new era of awakening for all. That if we just choose a different choice, together, as one, this would reflect back to us in rainbows of exquisite love. Done 20 years ago, and again 20 years later, a man motivated by this very love for his brothers and sisters all over the globe, his KNOWING that there is NO need nor reason for ANY SINGLE person to be without. He collected HIS army, armed only with the one thing that through the ages has brought comfort to the lonely, smiles to the downhearted, joy to the sad and tears to the fearless, the gift of music. The world stopped. The world listened. The world chanted in unison. One Thought. And it WASNT for the one as in oneself, it was for the ONE as in EVERY-ONE.

Then came the G8 summit, a time for those we have chosen to represent the ONE as in EVERY-ONE. An olympic bid for london to host the 2012 games, the euphoria of the british.

And then......


Lives shattered!!!

Murder in the 'name of god'!!

Fuckin hell people!!! WTF was THAT for?!? Have we not yet learned the basics yet?!?!? Any cause motivated by hate can not possibly carry gods seal of approval (not that god/hashem/the universe/all that is/wotever floats ur boat has any preferences here) The point here is....when the fuck will we learn that in order have good in our lives....hate needs to be shown the door!

...oh and...dont let the door hit u on the way out!

*kicks the soapbox under the bed.....dusts hands..."there! I feel better now...how about u?"

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Tammy said...

Isn't it devastating what happened in London. Really shook everyone to the core, you are so right on attitudes changing to rid us of the hate.

I read your comments on Tia, happy to hear she is doing well, its funny, I just donated my hair this past week to an organization called www.locksoflove.com they make wigs for kids who lose their hair, I am sure their is an organization on your side of the pond that does a similar thing. Tell her to feel better from us here in NY.