19 June 2005

"SNOOTY AND SNOTE" Respec'! Posted by Hello


Tammy said...

Ross-ke-lah no way!! How cute is this pic of the pals who are now separated by the pond

Dawn said...

As much as this AMAZING pic of Ross and Danny's puts a huge smile on my heart, I can't help crying big tears of missing ~ and Snooty doesn't even know yet that he misses Snote. (For those who don't know, at this age, Ross used to call Snoopy, Snooty; Danny used to call snow, snote!). Look at our beautiful boys, Yades!!! :o) Here's to a pair of awesome future Daddys.

Elaine said...

Yades, that was such a beautiful rendition of your relationship with your Father. I cried. How utterly blessed you are to have had such an amazing Abba. You are soo lucky.
The photo of the boys is adoreable!