29 May 2005


I no longer have a shortage of good friends to share glorious days like this one...my new mantra.

We started our day with glorious sunshine which for this country is a rare commodity. Lawn mowing, ball playing, scooter scooting and just general sunny Sunday stuff.

We then decided... As you do... To have a braai (barbeque). Something us South Africans take great pride and joy in sharing with friends and family.

Then began a series of events which only serves to re-confirm the total awesome power of the universe.

I said to my totally sexy hot spunky wot I love so much hubby...that it saddened me a little that we hadn't yet formed the kind of friends that we could just call up and say "havin a braai...pull in!" And everyone would rock up... Drinks, stuff to braai, kids and huge smiles. The blokes standing round the fire, beers in hand, worshipping that which make raw meat cook (ooga ooga) each one adding their 2pence worth to the 'best braai in the world' process. The woman gatherers yapping in the kitchen, swapping age old recipes of really yummy salads, laying the table in preparation for the pending feast, all the while, keeping a third eye on the young'uns.

I miss that...

Anyhoo, I called mom, invited her round. Shortly after she arrived, the phone rang...

"howzit cuz..."
"howzit ... Um ... Who is this?"
"jussis... Is this how u greet all your friends ...(chuckle)"
"uhmmm....I dunno..?!?"

Turns out to be our personal guardian angel, her name... Shekkles. This wonderful person has always had an uncanny ability to just show up at the very moment that an angel was called upon in my life. And even though she was all the way in Cape Town South Africa... She heard my plea, we spent an hour and a half chatting on the phone like she was just next door and we had seen each other yesterday... Not 5 year's ago.

Bless you old friend. I thank you for responding so promptly to the universe’s call…and I thank G-d for the abundance that I sometimes forget I have in my life.

Today was a day of total abundance, in far more ways than I expected.


Dawn said...

Fantastic how a simple phone call can lift the spirit. Nice to be remembered, i'n'it? Happy Summer Braiis to you all. I wouldn't wait for an invitiation, would sommer arrive with a bowl of potato salad. xoxoxoxo

Brotter_Blogger said...

Its amazinghow a thought out there translates into reality - love that - seems to work that way so often!!
Braai sounds so lekker - you guys wanna come over for one?

Mum said...

Great day, great weather, great braai...erm...barby (that's as far as I'll go, cause I never que! LOL) Call me anytime and I'm in!