21 February 2005

when you hurt I hurt too...

Yesterday it was Daniels long awaited swimming birthday party. The invites were sent out 3 weeks ago...one would think...sufficient time for a party?

Off we went, sandwiches for an expected 15 kids, crisps, sweets, party bags, cakes ect to the pool. Dan had been literally counting the days for this one, we got there a bit early as you do, in order to meet and greet ur guests....

We waited, Josh arrived with Alyx and Leigh, my cousins kids, we waited some more.... finally we realised, nobody was coming!

No, we hadnt got the wrong day, we hadnt got the wrong time, we hadnt sent the invites out too late, infact, we hadnt missed a thing.....but NOBODY came to my baby's birthday party except his cousins :-(

I cannot tell you how sore my heart is for this little boy who announced this morning that yesterday was the worst day in his whole life! I dont fuckin blame hime!

This is for all the peices of shit who thought themselves and their kids better than me and mine. If I could wish any bad to befall you.... it would be for u to each endure the pain you have just put me through...to see your child.... hurt...on his party... abandoned with no explaination.... left to blow out his candles alone, nobody to give his party bags which he packed all by himself. I would wish this apon each and every one of you....but I wont....because I would never want to see any child go through what you didnt give a continental fuck about putting my child through....but know this...from the core of my being....I hate you all!

To my baby boy who is now seven years old, you so didnt deserve this, you deserved to have your day celebrated and shared with those who are lucky enough to know your wonderful self. I love you so so so much my baby, you light up my days, you warm my soul, and you bring laughter to my heart. Happy birthday baby....mommy...x


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that really sucks. But stop being so nice about it, tell us how you really feel.

Dawn said...

I wish I had some pearls of wisdom that could explain this insane situation - I will not even pretend to! I feel your pain and don't even want to imagine how my Super Hero must have felt. Being so far from people you care about hurts particularly bad on days like this.

At the risk of not getting 'Anonymous'' sense of humor, I have to add that it comes up very strongly for me to tell whom ever this person is, quite simply to BLOW IT OUT HIS/HER ASS.

Sorry Danny ... as your Mum said, you do not deserve this and we will all make it up to you one day.

Hugs and Love to you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Relax Dawn, it's clear you didn't "get" any sense of humor at all. The original post was, umm, let's say "angry" - and rightfully so. However, Yael is as humorous as they come and my comment was only meant in jest. I apologize, but will mantain my anonymity, though it's probably not necessary, being separated by an ocean and a continent.

Dawn said...

Dear Anonymous,
I am sure Yael will appreciate the gesture of your apology as much as I do. For me, I skeem it's all much more fun if we show up and have open, identified dialogue. However, it couldn't be more adequately confirmed than in Yades' post that we are all different and do things differently. So, over land and sea, I extend a very relaxed smoochey kiss to you and Yael.

Freddie said...

umm...can I just say here....that....I DID get the humour in "tel us how you really feel" but having said that... I was pretty angry at the world at having hurt my baby ...as I am sure we all would be...I have to say tho.... if you are going to post a comment... unless I dont know u and u dont know me....it would be nice to know from whom it came...show up or shut up I say.

Tammy said...

I read your post with tears in my eyes. I am so sad for your little hero. How mean are those horrors in yor neck of the world. I am so stunned, I feel your sadness and your pain. We wish Daniel a happy and wonderful birthday with special moments in his wonderful new home. May this sad day truly be the worst day he ever needs to know in his whole life and just move forward to brighter and better ones.
Love us in New York.

Anonymous said...

OK, since I'm safely away, and been smooched and kissed, I hereby "out" myself.

Russell Arden
Son of Ron & Nicky
San Diego, CA USA


Dawn said...

There we go Russell, THREE CHEERS FOR YOU!!! Although I don't know you, good one for showing up! Here's another even huger, wetter, smoochier kiss for you to plant wherever you so choose! Off to check out your site.
GROUP HUG - xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

So, are you still smoke free?

Anonymous said...

So, are you still smoke free?

Anonymous said...

When you hurt I hurt too... and so it goes on, down the line. I can't tell you how much my heart ached for you aching for Danny. But my baby girl, this incident will disappear into Danny's past, you can be sure of that. It wasn't important enough to really make a mark. He had a wonderful time with his sister and cousins, and especially as his Dad joined in. As for 'them that did this' each one didn't know the other forgot, was sick, or just not interested, I suppose, or maybe they would have made more of an effort. What happened to RSVP anyway? If it genuinely was anti-Dannyism, I would like to get all of them together and confront them. Heal your heart Yaelie, Danny will be fine.
Your Mum

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